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This website is providing some tools who is playing 7 Days to Die.
Please refer Sidebar from your smart phone.

Growing World Mod is now available

This mod is server side mods developed by Ritoni who belong to 7DAYSTODIE.JP
Mod detail/Download: growing_world_mod

画像 MOD概要
Original perk for each weapons/tools
Original action skills for each weapons/tools
Random buffs for looted weapons/tools
Customized farming
Customize option for mods
Added ton of sever side zombies/animals
No limits difficulty
Magic guns available that is used magic point
Added bunch of achievement

Discord Bot

We 7DAYSTODIE.JP are now developing Discord bot for 7 Days to Die playing servers.
for now this bots has function that you could conversation between server to server via one text channel as global chat. if you are interested in to use this bot, please join 7DAYSTODIE.JP and let us know.

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